Following recent events this year, from Kris’ lawsuit scandal, to Baekhyun’s manipulation scandal, and now Jessica’s alleged drop from their company, SM Entertainment has officially decided to change their name:

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  2. A note to SM Entertainment


  3. "SM"


    Kris: *eye rolls*
    Jessica: *eye rolls*
    Baekhyun: *eye rolls*
    Sulli: *eye rolls*
    Literally everyone else in the kpop fandom: *eye rolls*

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  4. xing-xing-the-high-unicorn:

    let me guess, SM will try to cover up the SNSD Jessica incident by making an Exo comeback within the next few weeks

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  5. There is no doubt 2014 is probably the WORST year in Kpop ever. From Bom’s drug scandal to Baekhyun/Taeyeon’s dating scandal that exploded, to Kris leaving EXO, to the numerous amounts of car accidents, to the extremely tragic deaths of EunB and Rise, to the physical assault on his girlfriend from Kim Hyun Joong, to now Jessica possibly leaving SNSD(?), and to so many other incidents that happened.


    And the year isn’t even over yet

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    "I got the answer right but then I changed it" -an autobiography

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  8. xiuminsbutttho:

    kaisoo could be fucking loudly and heavily on stage sweat dripping down their toned bodies and faces hot and flushed and yixing would still ask people not to misunderstand because they are a manly group